Opening hours
1st July – 31st August (everyday) 10.00–18.30
1st September – 30th June (everyday) 9.00–16.00
normal 10 zł
special 1 zł
reduced 5 zł
reduced - Kultura Dostępna – Accessible Culture 1 zł 
group (a minimum of 10 visitors) 5 zł / pp
group special 10 zł
family (adults and children up to the age of 16, up to 5 visitors) 25 zł
family (Karta Dużej Rodziny, Karta Dużej Rodziny – Large Family Card, Zachodniopomorska Karta Rodziny - West-Pomeranian Family Card) 3 zł / pp
Zachodnipomorska Karta Seniora - West-Pomeranian Senior Card (except Tuesdays and Thursdays) 3 zł / os. 
Zachodnipomorska Karta Seniora - West-Pomeranian Senior Card (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 1 zł / os.
Free entrance day (does not apply to exhibitions which The National Museum in Szczecin is not the organizer of). Establishing free entrance day is required by Polish "Museum Act" of November 21st, 1996. This issue is specified in Article 10, paragraph 2 - "On one day of the week the admission to permanen.
- Saturday
(all The National Museum in Szczecin branches)
- Sunday
(The Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway Exhibition in Gryfice)
Guided tours
do 20 osób 20 zł + tickets
powyżej 20 osób 25 zł + tickets
Special groups 10 zł + special ticket
Free entrance: children up to the age of 7, emplyees of museums listed in  the National Museum Register, members of ICOM or ICOMOS, owners of Karta Polaka, persons honored with Order of the White Eagle, Virtuti Militari, Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, medal for Merit to Culture Gloria Artis.
Reduced tickets: pensioners, disabled persons and their minders, teachers, veterans, persons honored with badges: „Za opiekę nad zabytkami”, „Zasłużony Działacz Kultury”, „Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej” or honorary title: „Zasłużony dla Kultury Narodowej”, holders of Szczecins Tourist Card.
Special tickets: members of societies: Stowarzyszenię Historyków Sztuki, Stowarzyszenie Muzealników Polskich, Stowarzyszenie Naukowego Archeologów Polskich, Stowarzyszenie Konserwatorów, special guests of Museum management.
Reduced ticket - Kultura Dostępna/Accessible Culture: students, owners of EURO 26 card.
Combined ticket: offer apply only to certain pairs of Museum branches. It's not allowed to combine Museum branches in other configurations.


Pay less

Szczecińska Karta Turystyczna - Szczecin Tourist Card ogether with the City Trail entitles to obtain reductions in several cultural institutions, restaurants etc. as well as free public transport fares. Available in two versions: 24h/20 zł or three days/30 zł.
Accessible in Tourist Information Center at 7 Jana z Kolna St. (the building of Żegluga Szczecińska, former Maritime Station), Tourist Information – Szczecin Główny Railway Station and Cultural and Tourist Information Center at 34 Korsarzy St. (Pomeranian Dukes' Castle Szczecin).


Kultura Dostępna – Accessible Culture

Since February 2015 the National Museum in Szczecin sells 1 PLN ticket for children and students up to the age of 26. It is an action within the program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Kultura DostępnaMuzeum za złotówkę. The ticket is available upon presnetation of school or student ID or EURO26 Card. Free access for children up to the age of 7.
This ticket does not include exhibitions not organized by the Museum (eg. yearly „Wildlife Photographer of the Year” exhibition).


Karta Dużej Rodziny – Large Family Card

The National Museum in Szczecin is a partner of a governmental program for large families. The National Museum in Szczecin entrance ticket (separate for each building) for the card owner costs 3 PLN.
The card is to be presented at the ticket purchase. The ticket does not include separately charged exhibitions.
Karta Dużej Rodziny application form.


The Museum with no barriers

Disabled persons and their minders are entitled to purchase reduced tickets.


Degree of adjustment of the Museum buildings for the needs of the disabled visitors


The National Museum in Szczecin — The Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway Exhibition Gryfice, ul. Błonie 2

Facility fully adapted for physically disabled visitors.